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Welcome to Sweet Kisses. net n_n
a place for extra sweetness!!



Hello everyone and welcome to a place for extra

sweetness ^_^ this is my website decatied to the one & only

Miss Amy Rose (applause &cheers) so sit back relax, Check

out my Amy fever page, and maybe drop Me an E-mail. First let

me you that this is a Sonamy site only!!! And there is NO SALLY!!!

Got that! No Archie, SU, Etc... Nothing but pure Sega and another

thing please don’t Take anything from my site just ask me ok well

that’s all I have to say enjoy my site!




.:True Love:.

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Ok, I know I haven’t been updating in a long time it’s because of School it was My Senior Year and projects and reports I was so caught up with everything I Forgot all about Sweet Kisses and I have a lot of updates to do but first I would Like say PLEASE STOP SENDING ME EMAILS!!!! I’m already backed up with emails I don’t need more please stop!! If I get any more I’m deleting them ok thanks I try to update a little.

Last updated 10/3/05

Hello everyone just put up some more animated gifs well

Seeya next update!


Last Updated 11/3/05

Hey everyone I'm back! I'm really sorry about the long wait but I'm

back and got some new questions up and new fan furrie Silvea Kitty Teal Bye!


Last updated 11/11/05

Hey guys! got a ton of new things for you. three

new fan furries and two new links seeya next updated!


Last updated 11/23/05

Got a new fan furrie from my friend Riley

check it out.


Last Updated 12/2/05

Got some more ask amy questions and

a new fan art by my friend Jadeia.


Last Updated 2/18/06

Hey everybody I'm back!!!

and I got alot of things updated

like Ask amy questions and redone the fan art page

as for the Fan furrie I still have to upload a few more 

Well that's all for now talk to ya next update!


Last Updated: 4/08/06

Ok I'm back got new questions up and a few fan furries.


Last updated: 7/2/06

More fan furries and updates.


Last updated: 12/18/06

Hello I know I haven't been updated the site lately but I will

try to do it more ofen it's just the AAQs that mess me up alot

but I got alot of new questions, one new furrie and I thinking about making some changes like deleting pages so look for that... Also I added some new wallpaper most f it's from the new Sonic Next-Gen game so enjoy them!







I notice alot of people are still sending things to my old address

and I just wanted to say please STOP doing it!! I do not use that address anymore so stop sending your questions pics etc. there, send them to my new one thank you.













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