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~**Sweet Kisses**~

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The History of Sweet kisses.

Sweet Kisses was made orginally made at freewebs but due to the limt of 7pages I move here at and publish my site on April 29 2004.The reason why I created this site is to show my love for Amy Rose. After I played SA  demo disk I fell in loved with Amy and the Sonic team. Soon I started seacrhing the web for anything Sonic and Amy Rose.
The very frist Amy site I visited was A.R.R.O.S.I by Chi-chi I was so
amazed with the site I wanted to make a site too :-) but why Amy?
why, because she is soo cute ^_^ she's pink, she's sweet, and I loved
her Piko Piko Hammer! and I'm kinda like her I love Sonic!
So that's why I created S.Kisses hope that answer your questions.

Past Layouts:
Here you can see all my layouts in the past.

Layout 1