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Heres you can ask Amy all sorts of yours questions.

Here are my Questions for Amy.


1.) What’s your dream wedding with Sonic?

A.Oh my dream wedding *sigh* well it will be just perfect!

everyone will be dress up and Sonic

will wait at the end of the aisle

For me. Finally I come down the aisle

in the most beautiful dress carrying

A bouquet of roses. And at last the

Moment I waited for we finally kiss!!

then everyone cheers and throws

Rice. Sonic picks me up and carries

Me to the car. 


2.) How did you and Sonic meet?

A. Well... I first meet Sonic on the Little Planet

after that I followed him to Never Lake but the that mean Metal

Sonic Kidnapped me, but my hero Sonic recluse me.

Ever since then me and Sonic has been together.

Question by: Chantelle



3.) What do you think Sonic feels around you?

A. Well sometimes Sonic does get a little nervous around me

Like in SA He did start to stutter when I came up to him.

So I think Sonic does love me but he's just too shy to tell me.

Question by: Kasey M.



4.) My cousin asked me have you ever kissed Sonic?

A. No me and Sonic have never kiss but one day we will you

Just wait and see.

Question by: Nancy



5.) Do you think Sonic likes you?

A. Of course I think Sonic likes me ^_^ it's
just he's too shy to tell me.



6.) Do you play with Sonic Dolls?

A .I do play with Sonic dolls

Questions by: Chori3



7.) Do you wish to have children with Sonic? 

 A. Oh yes!! I do want to have his children

Question by: Angel



8.) What do you think about Sally Acorn?
I think she's alright but I don't think
she and sonic should be together Sonic belongs
to me!



9.) Do you ever give presents to Sonic?
Yes all the time. I gave them that
good luck bracelet at
Emerald Coast.



10.) What do you think about Tails?
Tails is really sweet guy. He's

Wiz at all that machine stuff and
really helps me when I'm in a jam sometimes.
Tails is a cool fox but I see him as a friend.

Questions By: ZYou Wyou



11.) Hey Amy were does your piko piko hammer come From. It just pops out of nowhere to your hands. I really wonder were that hammer comes from. Anyway


A. Well my piko hammer is kind of magic. It can change to big to Small so when I really need it appears in my hand. Also how got my piko hammer was when It was given to me when I was Very young. Oh... and thanks for the comment ^_^v



12.) Amy what kinds of music do u like? I like Rap, hip hop And some other music.

A. Oh...Well I listen to all kinds of music but I listen to

Hip-hop the most and dance to it too. Also I like to listen

To my Theme songs too.



13.) Amy how much does your hammer weight?

A. Well to tell you the truth I don't how much it weights but

It can be a little heavy sometimes.

Questions by: SAAB SAAB



14). What’s Sonic’s last name?
 Well I don’t think Sonic really has a last name. 
  15) Did you have a crush on someone else before sonic?
 No I never really had a crush on someone until I meet Sonic.

16) IF you and sonic do have kids what would be their names?
Well, if a girl I would named her Sonia and If it’s a boy I‘ll

Named him Jack.

  17)What if some guy OTHER than sonic came up to

You and said that he was in love with you. How would

Your feelings change between you, sonic, and the other guy?

Well even If he said I love you I my feelings will never Change with Sonic because I’m madly in love with him. 

  18) If a red head has reddish hair and a blonde has

Yellow goldish hair, what are you?
 Well I’m a pink head ^^; 

  19) How did you feel when sonic became king sonic?

I was really both surprised and happy.

  20) How did you feel when sonic had two kids with someone Else?
I was pretty shocked.

  21) How was it being a freedom fighter?
Well it was pretty tuff at first to join them because I was really young and I wasn’t experience but the rest is pretty easily and you get use it. Plus It can also be really dangerous because of those nasty swat bots out there. 

  22) Aren’t you kind of mad that sonic has kissed some other girl (sally)?

Yeah I was very mad at first but later I cooled off. Now

I'm over it.

23) And if you had the chance would you smash sally with your hammer?
No. but maybe…..

Questions by: Julie



24) Would you hate someone if they hated or brought pain to Sonic?

A. Well that depends on the person. If they didn't

Mean to do it I won't hate them. But if the do mean it like

Dr.Eggman then yes.

Question by: Cypress



25.) How long have you loved Sonic?

A. Since the day he rescued me from Metal Sonic.



26.) How does it feel to be involved with him?

A. It feels great to be involve with sonic: D



27.) Do you think Sonic is someone you can attract to in real life I really want to know because I'm Sonic and your Fan!

A. Yes I think so and I know you’re not Sonic.

Question by: Chelsea Zayas



28.) Hello there how old are you today? Did you know you’re my fav girl character from Sonic X?

A. Today I'm 12yrs.old and thanks for letting me know I'm your fav.



29.) Is it true you have 4 kids with Sonic because that's

What my friends and others say or is it a lie. Well see ya later Amy!

A. Yeah, it's a lie me and Sonic don't have kids yet

But we are planning.

Questions by: Whippet95


30.) Is Shadow nice?

A.  Yeah Shadow is a really nice you just have to get past his evil looks.


31.) Are you still in a fight with Rouge over Emral?

A. No. I'm over that little feud with Rouge.


32.) How does sally know you I mean by when did you meet in an Archie comic is says you used a type of magic to become older?

A. Yeah I did use a magic ring to make myself older.

Questions by: RENEE COWDERY

    33.) In SonicX how come you thought Shadow was Sonic I mean I'm just saying when you were hugging Shadow and you thought he was Sonic I'm not trying to laugh at you but that was funny why did you think Shadow was Sonic?
A. Well you see Sonic and Shadow look just like each other so I thought Shadow was Sonic.

34.) Do you like hanging out with Cream
A. Of course I love hanging out with Cream. She like a little sister to me. Were're real close and do things together all the time.
Question by: Ginerbreadmonto


35.) Do you ever get nervous around Shadow?
A. Well when I convince him to help to save the word I was nervous coming up to him.

36.) Have you ever tried to trick Sonic into going on a date with you? A. Just a few times I've trick him but hey you can't blame a girl for trying *giggles*
37.) If Sonic and Shadow got fused together forever would you go out with the fused Sonic and Shadow or find someone else to go out with?

A. Even if they were fused I will still go out with him. 
Questions by: Shadon

A. Nope Sonic was the only guy I loved *sigh*
Question by: Katie

39.)I've been reading some comics and did you know that Sonic has a son and he is definitely yours?
A. No I didn't know that.
Question by: Ross and Mandy 

40.) If you were in a concert and you played "Follow me" would dedicate it to Sonic? A. Of course I would dedicate to Sonic. After all the song is about my feelings to him Question by: Elizabeth

41.) How do you feel that Sonic gives you a poem, Amy? A. I will feel so very happy that he wrote a poem just for me.
Question by: Jonathan Brady

42.) Hey Amy do you like Shadow?
A. Yeah, I like shadow but only as a friend.
Question by: Teri Dixon

43.) Do you like Chao example: Cheese?
A. Oh yes I just love chao there so cute!!! :)
Question by: Kzphoenix

44.) Amy do you have your very own chao?
A. Yeah I have a pink bunny chao and a Sonic chao ^_^.

45.) Hey Amy did you know that Sonic has a brother and sister? A. No I think that just a lie.

46.) Hey Amy what’s your favorite thing to do? Your fan Colby again
A. Oh my favorite thing to is shopping and chasing Sonic.
Questions by: Colby Hash

47.) Hey Amy have you ever played spin the bottle?
A. No but I like to with Sonic *giggles*

48.) Hey Amy what was your most embarrassing moment?
A. Oh my most embarrassing moment was when I hugged Shadow by mistake.
Questions by: Tom Jenkins

49.) Amy why do they call your last name rose?
And will you and sonic will be together forever?
A. Well that's because it's my family's name and yes
Sonic and I will be together forever!!

50.) Amy did u like sonic when he turn into super sonic?

A. Of course! He’s even more handsome than before.
Questions by: Alex trejo

51.) Have You Our Sonic Ever Kissed Anyone? Just Wondering ^_^ your fan Colby
A. No, but just wait a little longer.

52.) Did you and sonic go on a date at a cool place?
A. Yeah we're going to Twinkle Park.

53.) Amy do you and cream go shopping a lot?
A. Sure we go shopping all the time.
Questions by: Alex trejo

54.) Who are your best friends?
And do you get mad when someone gets mad to you?
Well as you know my friends are Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Cream/Cheese yeah I do get mad but for little while.

55.) Amy do you go to the mall?
And when you go on a date what would you dress like?
A. Yeah I go to the mall and on a date I would dress classly.

56.) Hey Amy if you’re on a date what word you say to sonic if he gave you a nice rose?
A. I would hug him and tell him thank you.
Questions by: aracelie trejo

57.) Do you know any of your relatives? And tell the names, please?
A. Sorry I don't know any of my relatives, I wish I knew them.
Question by: dragica

58.) Why did you change your clothes and hair (Not that I don’t like your new style) in Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2 etc?
A. I just thought I needed a change 

59.)Are there ever going to be any video games just about you?
I really don't no if I’m going to get my own game.
Questions by: Sonic&amyfan  

60.) Amy, where did Sonic save you?
A. Sonic saved me on Little Planet.
Question by: aracelie trejo 

61.) Would you ever kiss shadow?
A. Sorry no Sonic my only love.

62.) If you were a color except pink or blue what would it be?
A. Hmmm...I guess either purple or gold.
Questions by: Shadow123443

63.) Amy, Do you love Sonic so much you could die if you never saw him in a day?
A. No I loved Sonic but not die if you never saw him in a day sometime I won't see him in weeks.
Question by: Christopher Rodriguez

64.) Amy, if you loved sonic so much why didn't you ask him if he loved you?
A. I try to ask but something always comes up.
Question by: Benjamin Pfeffer

65.) Hey, Amy, if Sonic stopped liking you, would you date Shadow to make him jealous? C'mon! Shadow looks just like him, remember?
A. Well, Maybe I might use him.
Question by: Austin Bell

66.) Amy do you have a family or friends?
A. I don't have any family but I do have many friends ^__^
Question by: Alex trejo

66.) How did you feel when Chris stole your role in Sonic X
(Convincing Shadow to save the world)?
A. I pretty mad at him I was supposed to do that.
Question by: Austin Bell 
67.) Oh, Amy! What ever happened to your cousin rub’s the hedgehog and sorry but I think your going to end up like mina mongoose in the Archie comic?
A. Sorry but I never did have a cousin named Rob'O
Question by: Sythe Hedgehogs. 

68.) Amy if I meet you do you think we will be friends
and do you like sonic as a friend? A. Sure I like to be friends and I would love Sonic as my boyfriend.

69.) I have a question for Amy do you know the creator
of the seven chaos emeralds and the master emerald?
Sorry but no one really knows who created the chaos emeralds and the master emerald.

70.) Do you like Knuckles?
A. Yeah but only as a friend but I don't like it
when he starts to fight Sonic.

71.) Amy how many kids do you plan to have with sonic?
A. I don't know yet but maybe just two.

72.) Did you ever see sonic kissing sally.
I’m your biggest fan and your number 1 fan and sonics number 1 fan.
No but I hope he doesn’t.
Questions by: Jvescanio

73.)Amy do you and sonic like any movies
and why do like the color red?
Yeah we like the movies and red is just a great color. Question by: aracelie trejo


74.) Amy do you plan to date someone else then sonic?

A. Nope nobody but Sonic he's my one true loved.

75.) Amy do you ever dream that sonic will kiss someone else than you? A. No and that will be more of a nightmare to me.

76.) Amy do you plan to change your style for sonic? Amy do you plan of using the chaos emeralds on sonic x to turn into super Amy A. Maybe, just maybe.

77.) I have one question. If sonic told you he loves you what did you do? Or he asked to have a child with you?

A. I'll just jump up and hug and tell him I love you too. Then he’ll never leave me again and we’ll go out everyday.

Questions by: Jvescanio



75.) Do you ever wish you were Sonic's age?

A. Sometimes


76.) My spikes don't stay straight like yours what should I do to keep them straight?

A. Well, what you should do is use lots of hair spray or you can also straight them out with a curler.


77.) What would you name your kids after you get married?

A. A boy Jack and a girl Lilly or Sonia


78.) What are the types of Flickies animals do you like?

A. I love all kinds of Flickies ^_^*cuddles them*


79.) How long have you known Sonic?

A. Every since he saved me from Metal Sonic I was 8 at the time

.Questions by: Acl61


80.) I was wondering what you would do if sonic died. Would you move on and
go with someone else?
I will try to move on or will comfort in others.


81.) Hi Amy, I was wondering, what did Sonic say to you In the Series "Sonic X"
when he gave you a Flower?
A. oh he said that he'll never leave me but I know what he really said he loved me.


82.) Amy, question. How many Sonic movies are there and how many are you in?
A. There was only one Sonic movie and I don't know if there's going to be a second one.
Question by: Chiper "Ham" Wolven


83.) Hi yah Amy! I was searching on the internet and I found a whole bunch of stories. I read them all and some of them had you and Shadow getting married and . . . . Uh...kissing.<-< Well what do you say to that?
A. Well all I can say is that's so not true I like shadow as a friend but not a lover
Question by: SONICBLU4U

84.) How do you feel when Sonic is around?
A. I feel Safe and warm and nothing can hurt me.

85.) Why do you love Sonic so much?
A. Because he is the greatest! He’s fast and so brave *sigh*
86. ) Is Tails a good friend? By the way, tell Tails that my sister, Sarah, has a crush on him.
A. Yes is Tails a very good and I'll tell Tails that Sarah likes him

87.) Amy, I heard Tails likes you...Do you like him as a friend, or almost like sonic??
A. Sorry but I like Tails is just a friend nothing more
Questions by:” Elizabeth Vinette"

88.) Have you ever been able to become a super version of yourself? If so, how, when, and why?
A. Sorry I haven't able to go super form sorry and if I did I would need the seven chaos Emeralds.

89.) Also, have you ever considered another wardrobe change (no offense, but your current dress makes you look younger than you are)?
A. Hmm...I always did consider changing my clothes but in Sonic Riders I will changed my outfit.
Questions by: Spike the Hedgehog

90.) Do you think that you could ever have a relationship with Shadow or are you just for Sonic?
A. Sorry like I tell a lot of people my true love is Sonic and the only relationship with Shadow I can have is just friends.
Question by: Alison wright

91.) Hey Amy! Nice to meet ya! Well, I got to ask, you know in the Sonic CD manual, do you know that they changed your name from Amy Rose to Princess Sally? Don't know 'bout you, but when I found out last year, I was freaking' steaming! Darn squirrel. Sorry, had a moment there. Anyway, you aware?
A. Whoa I didn't know that! And I make sure that doesn’t happen again thanks for the tip :)
Question by: Amy robson

92.) Has Sonic ever slapped Amy? And did you ever slap him back?
A. Sorry but No.
Question by: KatelynEvans3

93.) Hi Amy my name is Patrick Doran but my friends call me Patrick star.
My question is will sonic ever say will you marry me?
Sure he will just gave him some time he's just nervous.
Question by: Patrick Star

94.) Have you ever met Sonic’s bro and sis manic and Sonia what do you think of them?
A. No and I'm pretty sure that Sonic doesn’t have a brother/sister.

95.) Would you join forces with Eggman to marry sonic?
A. Sorry even if it is marrying Sonic I will never join Eggman.

96.) Why in the game sonic the fighters was you called Amy rosy the rascal and why did you have different clothing?
A. Well in that game I was much younger and that was before I changed my outfit.
Questions by: southpark477

97.) What would happen if shadow and sonic fight over you? And your
are my favorite character in the sonic games?
It will be Sonic-Chan!!! And I would try to stop Sonic and Shadow from fighting
because I don't want then to fight.
Question by: puppychic318

98.) Amy, do you like Mario video game and Sonic video game?
A. Yeah I Mario game but not as much as Sonic!!

99.) Hi Amy, why you never go to school?
A. I'm too busy protecting the world with Sonic and the others

100.) When was the first time you meet shadow,
Eggman, sonic, tails and knuckles? A. Right after I meet Sonic

101.) what will you Sonic like a different girl? Are going to smash your
hammer on Sonic. But I thought you like Sonic.
A. Maybe ...If it was Sally *evil grin*
Questions by: SASHA Cross

102.) Amy did sonic take you at Twinkle Park?
And how was it?
Yes and it was so wonderful!! *sighs*

103.) Why are Pink? & why did you name your team after your last name?
A. Well I was born pink and since I'm the leader of the team I named the team
after me :)
Question by: lily Bill

104.) Hi Amy I was wondering what happened to sally in the games I’m glad she out of the games and your in though you and sonic are my fav characters?
A. Well Sally a little busy right now so she couldn't make it.
Question by: Keanu

105.) Amy what do you like to do? And since your 12 why do you like sonic at this age if he is about 15? Why do you want to get married at an early age?
A. Well I like to do many things, like shopping, cooking, chasing bad guys and Sonic. Well I like Sonic he saved my life and is so brave and fast I don't really care about the age thing.

106.) Do you like Sonic in reality? And does Tails actually like Sonic as a buddy behind the scenes?
A. Yes I do and sure Sonic does like Tails behind the scenes :)
Questions by:"jsanchez20

107.) Hi Amy!! Can you ask Tails out for me please and I reckon you should go up to sonic and tell him straight that you love him and you'd do anything for him, would you do that? From your fan.
A. Sure I can see what I can do
Question by: Nancy.P

108.)Hey Amy, If Sonic and you WERE together, If Sally made up some stupid story to Sonic, and he thought you were cheating on him, What would be your back up story and What would you do to Sally?
A. I would tell Sonic that I love him with all my heart and I would never go behind his back or do anything to hurt him and for Sally I'll make sure she never does that again. *evil wink*
Question by: Spaz

109.) Who is Sally Chipmunk and does Sonic love Sally Chipmunk?
A. Well Sally is Princess of the acorn kingdom who always trying to get Sonic
and make him her boyfriend but I'm not going her do that.
Question by: Henrik Simonsen

110.) When you and the others are off time from saving the world do you and others play sports or something?
A. Well we sometimes just go the beach or take a walk around Station Square
or we just stay at home and watch TV and movies.
112.) Dose anyone else have any chao except you and cream if so what type are they?

A. Well yeah everyone has there own chao but we don't bring where ever we go.
Questions By: Chao daycare

113.) Do you know anything about Sonic's new game in Sonic NextGen?
A. Sorry I don't know much about the game but I know it's going to be really great with all the stuff there're putting in, with Sonic's new attacks It might the
best Sonic game.
Question by: kane0503

114.) Has Sonic ever given you a gift?

A. He gave me that rose in Sonic X.


What age was sonic when you meet him?

A.I was around 8 years old.

Question by: smith


115.) What is your opinion about not appearing in the Sonic OVA, I mean, come on, the plot was sonic CDish, and you weren’t even included, surely that would make you mad?

A. Nah, I wasn’t really mad


116.) Did you ever find out what the heck was up with zero, what was his motive for following you (and causing major damage to my dream cast)

A. Well the whole reason is because the Birdie (Lilly) I saved had a Chaos Emeralds with her and that's why he was Chasing Me.)


117.) No offence, but why did your outfit change, red doesn’t seem to suite your personality, I think your older, sonic CD outfit was much cuter(it was enough to make my brother drool, so that’s saying something XD)

A. Well I decide it was time to change my look so I did.


118.) If Sega was to bring out your own game, what type of genre would you wants it to be (Action, platform, adventure, survive horror, puzzle, ect.)

A. Hmm of course I go with action/adventure because I love doing new things and seeing new places .Questions by: firelancess78


119.) Have you dreamed of kissing sonic?

Does Sonic secretly love you to?

A. All the time I dream of him and I think he does secretly

Love he just haven't told me yet.

Questions by: Christopher Erickson


119.) Hey Amy! If Sonic has a super sonic form, why don't you?

A. I don't know I guess I never really try to go into super mode.



120.) Hey Amy has you ever hearted of the show Inyusha?

A. Sure I have I watched it all the time ^_^

Question by: Hailey Robinson


121.) Hey Amy! Have you ever seen sonic cry? If he did

Start crying, what would he cry about?

A. I never saw him cried before

Question by: tom Jenkins


122.) Do you have a little, tiny, very small crush on Shadow?

A very small crushes that it won't come between you and Sonic?

I ask this because Shadamy (shadow/Amy) is a fast growing couple

                     On some websites, like fanfiction.   I'm also a Shadamy fan...sorry. ^_^'

A. Sorry but I still love Sonic but sometimes Shadow can be cute.

Questions by: SONICBLU4U


123.) Hey Amy did you know Sonic has a secret crush on you tell him that

He loved you all this time.

A. Sure I know but don't tell him I know alright?

Question by: Patrick star


124.) Do you like Shadow? I think that you have to be with

Shadow. You guys are great couple for Me. My friend was

So shocked when she knew that you like Sonic (She thought you liked Shadow)

A. Sorry for you're friend but I don't know much about Shadow I barely know him

But I knew Sonic for years before he came along.

Questions by: Hinaichigo-Sister of Shinku~


125.) Hi Amy can you tell tales he is so cute and tell

Shadow I kind of have a crush on him?

A. Sure I tell them I think they'll be happy to hear from a fan.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

A. Sorry NO.


126.) How much do you love sonic?

A. With all my Heart!


127.) How would you feel if sonic died?

A. I would feel completely horrible but to tell you the truth I would never think about him dying.

Questions by: WhiskeyRiverDog


128.) If sonic went to fight Eggman and never came back

Would you start liking Shadow?

A. Nope I will keep hoping Sonic will return back to sweet lovable self.

What would you do if Sonic became evil and you were the only one who could stop him?

A. I would do what ever it takes

Questions by: Metal Sonic (katncal1)


129.) I was reading a story on the net called 'losing the rose’. It was’ bout you and sonic. Apparently, he hit you and made you bleed. the story also made you swear! I think that is down right rude! what do you think? I'm your biggest fan by the way.
Well know that Sonic will never hit me, he never has and never will.
Question by: Mania


130.) Amy, Have you met Sonia and Manic, or do you know where they are now?
Sorry I don't know who Sonia or Manic are and I don't know anything about them.
Question by: SonicWolfie


131.) Hi Amy I just want to know if you would have feelings for Shadow if Sonic did not like you no more. (Just asking) and do you think Shadow and Rouge would go on a date?
Hmmm...Well probably Shadow and Rouge are really close together and they do make a cut couple so yeah.
Question by: Joe & Karla Belcher



132.) Hello Amy, I was wondering, do you think Shadow is kind of cute? I do...

Okay I think he's H-O-T, but I don't have a problem! I’m not an obsessed fan! Okay maybe I am. So do you think he's kind of cute?

A. Well it's hard to say I still love Sonic and Shadow can be cute a few times and he can be real sweetheart

too like when he helped everyone on the ARK so he's cute just get past the

Question By: Synya the Fox


133.) Is Princess Sally Acorn ever mean to you?

Oh and you my most favorite character ever!

A. Well sometime like when I wanted to join the freedom fighters but she said I was too young!

She only said that because she wanted Sonic all to her self.

Question By: Mary Shreffler


134.) Amy how would you feel if Sonic asked you to marry him?

A. I would be speechless then I would jump up into his arms and kiss him all over

Question By: Antonie


135.) Hi Amy I want to know how you feel about Sonic if he told you he loved you.

A.I feel so unbelievable happy I couldn't described it in words I would just be so happy

Question by: Ccsxyma


136.) Amy if you were going on a date with sonic, and he was telling the truth, were would

You go, and how and would you be there? By the way, does sonic know all about this site?

A. Well of course I would go; going on a date is showing his feelings to me

But we go to Twinkle Park riding the roller coaster, eating chili dogs and playing games

Then we would go walk along Emerald coast. Finally we'll head home and give me a kiss goodnight.

Questions By: loudenback1


137.) What are the entire sonic x characters birthdays? (Sonic, tails, knuckles, Amy, etc.)

 Why does sonic get all red and sweaty when you hug him?

A. Well you can easily go to Sonic Bio on the site and their birthdays should be there

Question from: Chris& Jenny


138.) Hi Amy, I see Sonic X all the time but know im in school and it’s not on! Whets happening plz tell me! BTW I'm a Crazy Sonic+ Amy fan XD

A. Sonic X used to comes on every Saturday so you should see it, but if you miss it we finally beat The Metarex and Chris is finally back sadly Cosmo gave up her life to defeat the Metarex and Tails

Is pretty sad about it.

Question by: Chaobaby95


139.) How would you feel if sonic told you he loves you and he wanted to marry you?

A. As I said I would be so overjoyed and happy.

QuestionBy: AntAmy306


140.) If Shadow saved your life (instead of Sonic) how will you react? And what will your emotions be towards Shadow?  If you were given a choice to marry Sonic or for all of Shadow's memories to be back, which one will you choose and how would you feel after you made that choice?

A. Well If I was saved by Shadow I wouldn’t be too shock I mean Shadow did kind of promise he'll protect me but my emotions will not go to him.

Question by: Molly


141.) Do you like teddy bears? If you could buy one thing sonic related in your life what would it be?

Do you like dogs?

A. Yep I like teddy bears, I like dogs and if I can buy anything Sonic it

Will be a pushlie^^

Questions by: Jesse.


142.) I heard the band Creed and they wrote beautiful songs.

If there was a song that tells the romance between Sonic and you, which one would it be?

A. Oh there are so many songs but I think the best is "Follow me" cause it tells how much I love Sonic.

Question by: Sr_bass89


143.) You should not be friends with PRINCESS SALLY ACORNS SHE KISSED SONIC

A. Well even though we fight alot, and she kissed Sonic me and Sally are still friends but she can be helpful sometimes.

Question by:stormchao


144.) Hello Amy. Do you think Sonic is cute? And I think you’re the best.

A. Yes I think he's the CUTEST hedgehog around!

Question by: Chinny


145.) On the Google I saw a picture of you and Sonic kissing, was that picture true? 

A. Well alot of fans of mime draw me and Sonic kissing so it's Ok but not true.  

 Question by: carmenlicook
















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